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Coronavirus: Repatriation for people not suffering from the virus

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Coronavirus: Repatriation for people not suffering from the virus

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Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we have expanded our service to offer repatriation for people not suffering from the virus. For this purpose, we are using private jets that are not fitted with medical equipment. These are available quickly and flexibly to bring you back home safely.

Mann im Privatjet

In recent days, more and more travellers have been caught out by the situation while abroad and have needed this service. Scheduled flights are now fully booked or have been cancelled, making it impossible for people to return home via the usual route. The good news: in spite of all the border closures, repatriation to your home country is still no problem. The return of foreign visitors and workers to their home countries is excluded from almost all the current travel restrictions.

Private jet – the fastest way home

For people who are not suffering from the virus, travelling in a private jet is the ideal way to be repatriated. Private jets can usually be deployed on the very same day and can also use many of the smaller regional airports. Therefore, we can pick you up very close to where you are staying. The flight plan can be based entirely on your requirements.

The highest level of protection against infection

On a private flight, you are optimally protected against becoming infected with the coronavirus, as you can almost completely avoid contact with strangers. Away from the crowds, you will benefit from checking in at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT), where there are usually few other travellers. Your private jet is used exclusively for your repatriation flight, so there are no other passengers on board – only you and the crew.

Your journey to the airport

Upon request, we can also organise your journey to the airport and from the airport to your destination, so that you do not have to use public transport. We will gladly order you a taxi or organise a limousine service for you.

Contact us now for your repatriation flight

Our 24-hour service will take care of your request immediately. This way, we can react as quickly as possible, even in urgent cases, and get your repatriation underway. Please contact us: