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Business travels: Private jets and air ambulances for those stuck abroad with COVID-19

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Business travels: Private jets and air ambulances for those stuck abroad with COVID-19

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The UK has taken several measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic and it has been able to maintain a certain level of control over the situation. With a relaxing of rules, travels across borders have now become more common. While firms are advised to conduct meetings with their foreign offices virtually, in many cases travelling abroad is essential for both firms and for the advancement of the general UK economy. That is why the government has introduced new regulations to facilitate travelling while preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Passengers on commercial flights are two to three times more likely to catch COVID-19

A relaxing of the rules in the UK does not mean that we should no longer be on our guard, especially when travelling. With the Omicron variant wreaking havoc and the new BA.2 subvariant “stealth Omicron” being discovered, businessmen and corporates sending their employees abroad must take maximum precautions to ensure that they do not get infected with the virus. According to a top medical advisor in the airline industry, since the emergence of the Omicron variant, passengers are two to three times more likely to catch COVID-19 during a flight (Please see below for source). Since the Omicron variant is more transmissible in nature, the risk is greater, and a commercial flight being a small and packed environment with hundreds of passengers is a convenient space for the virus to grow in numbers. Some precautionary steps involve flying Business class rather than economy, which tends to be more packed, avoiding touching common surfaces, more frequent hand-sanitising, avoiding being unmasked whenever possible, avoiding face-to-face contacts and maintaining distancing even in airports

Travel via a private jet for maximum safety against COVID-19

Business travels being essential, you cannot avoid them altogether. Nonetheless, those anxious about crowded airports and packed aircraft have an alternative solution. Businessmen can fly on private jets. What are the benefits of these air transportation methods in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic? Private jets are personal. They are restricted to only the passenger or the group of passengers that choose to fly on it. As such, companies can send one colleague or more to another destination safely without worrying about them being infected with COVID-19. Such private jets are provided by Medical Repatriation UK. We have a wide range of private jets that can accommodate either one or many passengers and can travel to even the most remote locations across the globe. If you have an urgent business matter to attend to in another country, wherever that is, we plan to have a chartered aircraft for you on the same or following day of your booking. An added benefit is that passengers will not have to wait in lines to check in. They will do so via another terminal that is less crowded and safer. 

vip cabin plane

What happens if a business traveller gets COVID-19 while being abroad? 

The economic ramifications of a traveller being infected with COVID-19 while on a business trip are many for a company. Depending on when during the journey the traveller got infected, the whole trip might be wasted, since as soon as you are tested COVID-19 positive, you are immediately placed in isolation, hence possibly missing on the meetings, conferences or other important events that you have travelled for. 

Besides monetary losses, we have to take into consideration the huge impact on the businessmen’s emotional and physical health. For one, they are away from their loved ones, isolating in a hotel room for quite a number of days, which takes a toll on someone’s mental health. Moreover, the matter is further complicated if the traveller has severe symptoms or serious health complications and requires medical intervention. Depending on the country that you are in, British residents may not obtain the same level of medical care like they would in the UK

The UK and NHS: one step ahead others when it comes to COVID-19 treatment 

The Global Health Security Index ranked the UK among the top when it comes to pandemic preparedness. A London convention centre was repurposed into a makeshift hospital, specialists were deployed, health workers were retrained so that they can efficiently deal with COVID-19 patients and new equipment was imported. Moreover, the country is constantly working on new treatments or trials to deal with the pandemic. For instance, it was the first country across the globe to approve an anti-COVID pill, a medication to treat patients suffering from mild to moderate coronavirus. Let’s not forget that treatment is covered by the NHS in the UK. In contrast, other countries might require you to disburse a lot of money to obtain medical treatment that does not match the standards set by the UK. 

repatriation airplane

This is why many British travellers prefer coming back to the UK to get medical treatment. Not only are they able to benefit from the higher level of medical care available, but they are also closer to their loved ones who will offer moral support and attention, which is vital when you are sick

Medical repatriation back home for COVID-19 patients is possible via air ambulances

Getting on a commercial flight when you are COVID-19 positive is impossible for obvious safety reasons. Nonetheless, businessmen who have travelled abroad are able to get back home thanks to Medical Repatriation UK. We have air transportation methods that can transport even those infected with the coronavirus safely. There are two options: 

Private jets for asymptomatic patients

If you do not have any symptoms and you do not need medical attention all throughout the trip, you can travel back to the UK in complete isolation in a private jet. Besides the pilot crew, there will be no one on board so that the trip back home is done in accordance with regulations and in complete safety. 

Air ambulances

Those having symptoms and needing medical supervision can undertake the trip via the air ambulances by Medical Repatriation UK. They will travel in a special isolation unit and will be accompanied by a medical professional who will be wearing appropriate protective clothing and will intervene in case the patient’s health deteriorates. 

Contact us for medical repatriation 

If you need a private jet to get overseas or you have travelled abroad for business and you were infected with the coronavirus, you can get in touch with us. Our experts at Medical Repatriation UK are available every day, on a 24-hour basis to assist you. They will advise you whether you need a private jet or an air ambulance based on your situation. Reach us on: