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+++ Ukraine - Russia Crisis : Find out more about medical repatriations from Ukraine. +++

Ukraine - Russia Crisis : Find out more about medical repatriations from Ukraine.

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Ukraine-Russia crisis: Medical Repatriation UK has flights from Ukraine back to the UK

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Disclaimer: As of the 24th of February 2022, Medical repatriation from Ukraine is still possible, under the right conditions. Cases will be assessed on an individual basis to determine the possibility of a flight. 

With tensions rising in Ukraine and uncertainties with regards to residents’ safety, the situation is pretty chaotic in the country. Boris Johnson advanced that he “fears for the security of Europe” and governments across the globe, the UK included, are urging their citizens to leave Ukraine and come back to their home country. Foreigners in Ukraine are in a frenzy to leave the country. To help British citizens get back to their home country safely, Medical Repatriation UK is currently conducting flights from Ukraine to the UK. 

Russian troops, threats and calls for UK citizens to leave Ukraine

At the time of writing, there are 100,000 Russian troops deployed close to Ukraine’s borders and there are reports of 30 000 more engaged in exercises in Belarus, only 674 miles away from the Ukrainian border. According to NATO, Russia has a “massive invasion force” ready to invade the country. In response to these reports, Mr. Putin is denying any preparations for a war, saying that Russia does not wish for a war but working on “appropriate retaliatory military-technical measures

Considering that the situation can escalate at any time, the UK Foreign Office is urging its citizens in Ukraine to leave the country immediately. Those choosing to remain in the country are strongly urged to keep their travel plans under constant review and to ensure their travel documentation is up-to-date. This call is being echoed by several governments across the globe. 

The situation for Brits: “So much chaos”

Following concerns from several authorities, the FCDO has decided to reduce the number of staff working at its embassy in Ukraine, even if there was no specific threat to British diplomats. Approximately half of the staff in Kyiv, and their dependents, are scheduled to come back home to the UK. While the embassy is still operating, it will not provide in-person assistance. 

British citizens who have already left Ukraine recount that there is “so much chaos” in the country. Universities are advising students to “get out as soon as you can” and as soon as the red alert was put in place, everyone started scrambling to leave the country. Foreign nationals are departing en masse and Britons have expressed fears of mayhem at the border

With US President Joe Biden saying that “things could go crazy very quickly”, an immediate trip home is the advised course of action. While the FCDO is asking British nationals to register their presence so that they can be tracked and provided with the latest information, it has also released a notice saying that they should not expect increased consular support or help with evacuating in these circumstances. Moreover, James Heappey, the UK armed forces minister, advanced that there are no plans for an emergency airlift by western air forces and that “The Royal Air Force will not be in a position to go in and to fly people out”. With the increase in demands for scheduled flights to the UK, getting a quick flight from a commercial airline is proving to be very difficult

Get back home via Medical Repatriation UK 

Considering the urgency of the situation, Medical Repatriation UK has put its aircraft at the disposal of British nationals in Ukraine. We have various air ambulances and air jets available to help you get out of the chaos and come back to the UK, safely, with your loved ones. Our air ambulances are fitted with the latest medical equipment and can transport even ICU patients. Moreover, with a doctor on board to provide treatment and care to the travellers, even patients needing medical supervision are able to fly back home. Consequently, if you or your loved one is stuck in Ukraine and is too sick to fly via a commercial flight, Medical Repatriation UK is able to arrange for a trip back home on an air ambulance safely and in a timely manner. 

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Besides air ambulances, we also have private jets that you can charter wherever you are across the globe. These can be arranged even at short notice, which is perfect for the current situation in Ukraine. With planes accommodating up to 40 people or more, you can quickly organise the repatriation of you and your loved ones from Ukraine to the UK. 

Ensuring your safety, we have agents working every day on a 24-hour basis to assist you and to plan your flight back home. Our multilingual team of experts in the field of air travel will advise you and help you arrange your flight within the shortest amount of time possible. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time of writing (24th of February 2022), Ukraine has closed its airspace to civilian planes. Nonetheless, Medical Repatriation UK is able to organise repatriation missions from Ukraine to other countries by driving patients to the airport of a neighbouring country (i.e. Rzeszow, Poland or Satu Mare, Romania) in a ground ambulance, from where the air ambulance will take-off. Cases will be assessed on an individual basis. 

With regards to healthy patients, we can assist them in reaching their destination by providing an aircraft in Poland or Romania. 

How to book a flight back to the UK from Ukraine? 

If you need to arrange for a flight back to the UK from Ukraine, you just need to get in touch with us either by phone or by writing to us. This can be done by email or our contact form. One of our agents will get back to you promptly. We are available round-the-clock. After listening to your needs, our experts will advise on the way to go forward considering the situation. Once you have provided all the important documents (passports etc) Medical Repatriation UK will start planning your flight. Usually, it can be made available on the same day, or on the following day, the booking has been made. Our agents will ensure that you are constantly updated about the flight. 

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Contact us for a flight

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